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    In 1910,the first motor was inveted in Japan. Until now, more than 90 years of experience, Hitachi will keep continue producing high-quality motors with high performance and effciency. 'The Motor' is new series that has been developed to be small and light weight.We are very careful from the first manufacturing process with high-quality raw materials to the final process for high-performance motor, including the aluminum alloy materials for light weight, durability, rust free, and silent power. We are proud to present Hitachi technology with silent noise and low vibration,which developed from CAE(Computer -Aided Engineering).Hitachi motor has high precision with high performance because of continuing development of Hitachi technology team.

    Hitachi Motor includes Single-phase Motor with 220V/50Hz; Three-phase Footmount  Motor with 380V/50Hz;  Three-phase flangemount Motor with 380V/50Hz: Three-phase Footmount  Motor with 220/380v/50Hz and The Vortex Blower.

    Specification of Hitachi Motor
    -    Colour: Rigail Gray ( MUNSAELL 8.9Y5.1/0.3 )
    -    Frame: Aluminium-alloy ( For Three-phase Motors ) and Housing-steel iron ( For Single-phase Motors )
    -    Terminal Box of Hitachi Motor: TML Dimension ( For Three-phase Motors both Footmount and Flanmout from 1/2HP to 30HP ), TMU Dimension ( For Three-phase Motors from 40HP or more )
    -    Place of Origin: Japan and Thailand

    For more details, please click on the link below.

    Motor Hitachi

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